Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Catching Up

I admit it has been some years since I last posted, so I felt it was time to once again take up blogging. I welcome those who would like to keep up with my blogs. Since I last posted, Gospel Advocate published my book, A Faith Built on Sand. The Search ministry is now booming. It truly goes into every corner of America to all 210 television markets in America. It appears in them all by INSP (the Inspiration Network) and in 170 markets on 200 broadcast stations. In addition SEARCH appears on 150 cable systems, 50 radio stations, and in 45 other countries outside the USA. SEARCH fills about 6,000 requests for information per program. We are receiving many, many contacts from outside the Bible Belt. We are so grateful and humbled by what God is doing. You can see more than two years of programming on the website or download about 200 audio files of singing by the Edmond Church of Christ. I have been quite busy in recent weeks in Gospel Meetings, preaching in several states. This summer Jackie and I will go to Hawaii to the Honolulu Church of Christ and visit the Lord's church on Christmas Island. Since we have been so busy, we have needed your prayers. God bless, Phil