Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Let All the Earth Keep Silence

After a couple of years of editing, the revised edition of my book, Let All the Earth Keep Silence, is now back in print. It sold out in 2000 but is now needed again to deal with the topic of silence.

You can order the book at Gospel Advocate or Star Bible:

GA 1-800-251-8446
Star 1-800-433-7507

This book gives the reasons in detail why I believe the silence of the Scriptures do not permit the use of instruments of music. I have updated and enlarged the book from its earlier printing in 1989, and I believe you will appreciate what has been done. I will be teaching this book to my students this summer at Nashville School of Preaching (classes start May 30). If you live the area, tuition is free.

Just come to the Crieve Hall Church of Christ, 4806 Trousdale, Nashville.
If you go 1/4 mile east of the intersection of I-65 and Harding Place and turn south, you'll see the church building on your left. You can find a lot information about the school at


If you have an interest in why churches should not worship with instruments, this book will help you to understand the hermeneutical basis.



Scott said...

I'm glad to see your book is back in print. The silence of the Scriptures is an important Biblical principal and I hope many people will be edified by what you have written.

Randy said...

Enjoyed the first version. How much would a copy autographed by the author end up costing?

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