Friday, June 16, 2006

Go to Israel!

My lovely wife Jackie and I had the best vacation ever, when Concord Rd Church of Christ, in gratitude for our ten years service, sent us to Israel. We will never read the Bible the same way. If you can go to Israel, go!

Yes, I know there was a bombing down on the Gaza strip. This is from a fuss going on between the Fatah and the Hamas Palestinians and does not affect Jerusalem and Galilee. We even into Palestinian Bethlehem with no problems (it is more than 30% Christian).

I cannot express in words how blessed we were to go to see the land where Jesus walked and preached and ministered. Jackie and I will never forget this trip.

We expect some day to go again and perhaps host a group. There was so much to take in, we cannot remember it all.

Just one example. Did you ever think about Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, looking up from the garden to see the Temple? Did you ever consider the close proximity of Capernaum to Kursi or the Mount of Beatitutdes?

We took a boat ride on a choppy Sea of Galilee, floated in the Dead Sea, and sat in the Garden Tomb. We prayed on the Mount of Olives and saw Joppa, Caesarea, and Nazareth. We went up to Caesarea Philippi and ascended Mount Tabor. Wow. It was wonderful. We also went to the Shepherd's fields in Bethlehem and selected five smooth stones from Elah.

Save your money and go to Israel if you can!



Brandee said...

I can't imagine ever having enough money to go there but I am so glad you guys had a wonderful time. Next time you visit Oklahoma, bring your pictures for us to see.
Love ya!

Shirley said...

It sounds like you had a dream-come-true vacation. I am so glad you had such a wonderful time.

Love you both...