Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Seeking True Unity

Dear Readers,

Tomorrow morning Dale Jenkins and I will put the last touches on a new class book designed for teens or adults. We are having 5,000 of these 64-page books printed. Seven preachers (Dale Jenkins, Jeff Jenkins, Mike Baker, Steve Higginbotham, Mike Greene, Wayne Hatcher and I) have been working on this project for months. Due to the kindness of the Horse Cave, KY, congregation, we will be able to get this book out within the next few weeks.

Every church, every elder, every class, and every group should consider the message presented in this book. It reveals the will of God and the path to true, Biblical unity.

The church was torn to shreds from 1860-1900 over the issue of instrumental music. You'll recall that the federal government's census bureau recognized the division between churches of Christ and the Disciples of Christ/Christian Church in that year. This book deals with the problems associated with that division and the current threats to Biblical unity today.

We believe that going back to the Bible and refusing to give in to the innovation and presumption of our day is the only course for the unity for which Jesus prayed in John 17. It is man-made religion that divides, and we believe the only way to find unity is to divest ourselves of any and all man-made religion.

The book will be very reasonably priced, and I will keep you informed about where they are available in coming days!

God bless,

Steve Higginbotham of Glasgow, KY, will be the contact person to buy copies of this important book.

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