Monday, December 18, 2006

Mack Lyon and "In Search of the Lord's Way"

"In Search of the Lord's Way" with Mack Lyon remains one of the top three television ministries in the United States. Each week, Mack reaches out to 25-50 million people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. I do not know of any other brother among who has such a national presence and who speaks so clearly and strongly as does Mack. Some twenty-six years ago, he began a work that touched every corner of this country and has gone into several nations.

His gentle nature, his refusal to ask for money, his fatherly wisdom, and his passion for morality and righteousness has endeared him to many within the Lord's church and without. Numerous people have left religious error to come to the truth, some have abandoned denominationalism, others have given up the instrument in worship, and everyone who hears has been blessed by his continued preaching of the truth in love. We thank God for him. Mack is in his very best days, and we pray God's continued blessing for much yet to be accomplished! His recent tract on the church has reached into the hands of tens of thousands of people since the program aired.

After my own father, Harley Sanders, died in 1985, Mack filled a hole in my life, for which I will always be thankful. He also offered an obscure, young preacher an opportunity to help him with some research. I will never forget the day he said to me, "Do you have anything that would be good for outsiders?" He offered a book of mine on worry, my first effort at writing. Mack gave me the privilege of viewing a taping of the program and of traveling occasionally with him. I have learned so much from this man of God. Mack knew how to make a difference in people's lives personally and over the air.

The best religious programs are preaching programs--they get the best ratings and make the most impact. For everyone who aspires to be a better media evangelist, they will not likely find a better model than Mack Lyon. I hope you listen to him each Sunday morning.

with fond affection,


Terri said...

Good Morning, My elderly mother in law faithfully listened to Bro Mack Lyon and you every Sunday morning on a small network tv in her bedroom. With the digital TV conversion, even though we connected her a converter box to the small tv, she can no longer find your program. She has satellite tv (Dish Network) in her living room. Can you tell me if your program is broadcast on local networks, Dish network, or would I need to contact them to find out. She really misses the program and I told her I would try to find out for her. I searched the main program website and there is no link to "contact us", so that why I'm emailing you here. I would appreciate your response. Thanks, Terri McGowan, Ludowici, Georgia, Hinesville Georgia Church of Christ

Phil Sanders said...

Your mother-in-law can see the program on Dish Network on the INSP (Inspiration) network every Sunday morning at 7:30 AM (ET).

I am so thankful she enjoys the program. We had some trouble with Dish Network, and then we found they have started using INSP. We are thankful she now has a way to see us each week.

God bless you,
Phil Sanders

Phil Sanders said...

Dear sweet, godly Mack, lost his wife Golda, to heart disease. He loved her much and missed her dearly.

In 2000 Lois Duncan, the widow of Bobby Duncan, came into Mack's life. They are a wonderful couple.