Monday, June 18, 2007


For some time I have been receiving emails from Mduduzi Sibeko of South Africa. He would write to ask Bible questions. He is a hard worker and needed a little help teaching some of his friends. I was glad to give him what I could.

Several days ago he called me on the phone, rather excited. Now I am slow of ear and it took a little bit for me to recognize that this was the same fellow who had been sending me emails. He was a friendly voice, and I don't get phone calls from South Africa everyday (in fact, this was a first!)

Mduduzi said, "Brother Phil, listen!" So I listened closely.

On the other end of the line was my own voice. He had gotten into the internet, discovered the television program and was listening to one of my sermons. He was so excited about finding the link, he just had to let me know. Wow!

So, here is a video file stored on a computer 100 feet from my desk, accessed being played in South Africa thousands of miles away. I am hearing him play the video on a phone call back across those thousands of miles. Amazing!

P.S. I hope all of you get excited about the television program that airs in middle Tennessee and south-central Kentucky over WNPX. You can also download our video files at:

Aren't we living in amazing times?


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Anonymous said...

The Apostle Paul would love this! :)