Thursday, August 02, 2007


My friend and brother Steve Higginbotham sent this link to me with the question:

Want to explain this one?

There are some things that are not laughing matters. I don't want to profane what is holy.



Anonymous said...

Craig asked me to see this. I truly am speechless. You know, we ought to produce a youtube video of Phil Sanders actually preaching a Gospel message. That too would be unbelievable to the masses. Since we are more interested in humor than truth?
The best part of it all is, "This World Is Not My Home!"

Phil Sanders said...


Since Craig asked you to do this, I suppose, my brother, you are being a little coy with me.

The gospel is serious business. I don't mind a little humor, but I don't understand this kind of humor at a time when brothers are so divided over this issue.


almcfaughn said...

I agree, Phil. I think all of us have said something about singing (or a specific song) at one time or another that was meant to be humerous, but we were speaking "off the cuff." I know I've made that mistake before.

This was obviously thought-out and seems to take a hard "jab" at our worship. There may be no one who loves to laugh more than me, but some things are serious.

Frank said...

Mike Cope's mockery of the acappella position seems to me an example of what Scripture calls "foolish jesting" (lit. words of a moron). It is making light of a serious spiritual topic.