Thursday, October 11, 2007

Myopic Judgmentalism

We live in a strange age that hates any kind of negativism or judgmentalism. That's the real taboo of our day--saying anything negative about anyone. If anyone says something is wrong or sinful, he opens himself up to all kinds of attacks, slander, and abuse. And there are plenty of judgmental people ready to pounce on the person who dares to be judgmental. It escapes their notice that they are doing the very thing they condemn (Rom. 2:1-3). Their thought is: "it's all right for me to condemn you for condemning someone or something, but don't you condemn anything or anyone." These folks become judges of judging-- or what they perceive to be judging.

You see their definition and perception of a judge is often out of line with God's will. To listen to them speak of the grace of God, there is no such thing as sin or heresy. Now should anyone bring up the fact that God says something is wrong, and POW! this person (in their mind) is "judgmental" and deserves to be attacked, abused, and slandered.

But what if he out of love toward God and neighbor is right and obligated to warn another that such an act or belief displeases God and is sinful. Is it judging to warn? Does the Christian have no obligation to warn of the consequences of sin? (Rom. 1:14-16; Ezek. 3:18ff.)

Why then, do people today punish the person for doing the will of God? The myopia (short-sightedness) of our culture is its bullying against Christian morals. It does not realize how morality is needed today. To bully people who mention something is sin is to take up the cause of sin against God.

You can't mess with God like that. When you tell Him to shut up and bully those who speak for Him, you end up having to face Him. He will step into the picture. You don't want that. God is loving, but He won't take being ignored or dismissed for long. Failing to listen to God is neither full of love or grace. When people dump God's teaching for their own desires, they are dumping the only hope they have. They are insuring their lives will be more and more filled with fear and misery. Amorality is no blessing.

Myopic judging is when people give themselves the freedom to beat up on anyone who warns people to follow God's will and leave sinful practices. They do not see their own sin.

Think, think, think


Darin L. Hamm said...

I agree, which is why I have begun offering my comments on this site, I have an obligation to God to point out error no matter what some may think.

Well I suppose I should say I send you comments.

Kathy said...

It IS amazing how the skewed definition of "judge not" has saturated our society, even among those who claim no ties to Christianity whatsoever. Being reminded of the proper definition of "judge" is very helpful. I've received a double dose lately since our Sunday sermon was on the same subject :-)

I appreciate how you always base your points on scripture.

Anonymous said...

I heard a man say, "You ain't been loved till you've been loved by a liberal!" but me's think that we can change it to "You ain't been loved till you've been loved by a myoptical!"

K. Rex Butts said...

Some of the most intolerant people I have ever met are those who protest the loudest about intolerance. Go figure!