Monday, February 18, 2008

Affirming the Faith Seminar Saturday

The North MacArthur congregation in Oklahoma City has invited me to teach two classes at their Affirming the Faith Seminar this Saturday, Feb. 23. I am elated at the invitation and am especially honored to get to visit with many of my dearest friends who will also be there.

I am especially looking forward to a visit with Harold Redd, my roommate at OCC in the early 70s. Harold preaches in Memphis and is doing a great work for the Lord. I am also looking greatly forward to visiting with Howard Norton, Mack Lyon, Jeff Jenkins, and Stafford North.

This is an important seminar, and I urge anyone within driving distance to be there. I will bring copies of books for sale. I will also have a display for Think Magazine and Focus Press.

On Sunday morning and evening, I'll preach for Cherokee Hills, who are sponsoring me in this Seminar. Cherokee Hills is where Jackie and I were married nearly 34 years ago.

My classes are entitled: "Erasing the Distinctives" (1 & 2) I will be talking about the changes taking place in the church due to postmodern influences. Postmoderns do not like distinctives, do not like any judgments, and do not like boundaries. There is, however, only one Lord, one church, one gospel, and one faith. Jesus is the only way to heaven. There is a time to be dogmatic about our faith. Christianity is not the same as Islam, Judaism, or Buddhism.
There are not many roads to the same place.

The postmodern mindset has set us adrift on a sea of uncertainty--we need to come back to the only foundation--Jesus Christ and serve him faithfully.

Hope to see you there,


preacherman said...

Sounds like a great seminar.
Are their going to be any tapes or CD's avaliable?
Can you let us know where we can get them?
I pray that God bless you during this seminar.

Phil Sanders said...

For information on the seminar, go to

www.affirming the

I feel confident that tapes will be available.


Terry said...

I share your concern about postmodernism. I may not know everything, but I know that truth actually does exist. Nothing else makes any sense at all.

preacherman said...

Thanks for the information.
I apprecaite it brother.
God bless you as you teach this week.