Monday, June 16, 2008

Who's the Wife? Confused Living.

By now you've heard the news. Men can marry men and women can marry women in California. Their liberal court went against the vote of the people and said so.

I've conducted more than a few marriage ceremonies over the last 36 years. My first couple was married in June 1972. I could legally perform the marriage ceremony; but since I was still 20 at the time, I could not marry on my own without my parent's signature. It's true. I had to wait a couple of years before I got Jackie.

Well, back to California.
If a couple of gays marry, which one is the wife? If a couple of lesbians marry, which one is the husband?
On the tax form, which one is the head of the household, while the other is a spouse?
We'll have to throw away our jokes about hen-pecked husbands. Now we have hen-pecked hens. I wonder who is doing the pecking.
I wonder which of the guys is the protector and which is the respecter? If both are husbands, here are two married guys without wives.

The sad thing is there'll be some confused, little guys who are fatherless or motherless; instead they'll have two confused moms who have no husband or two confused dads who have no wife.

How do you explain parents who by choice of lifestyle cannot parent? How do explain to innocent children how biological mommy committed adultery with some male outside the family, so that biological mommy and the other mommy could have a child? How do you explain that this was not because the sexual functions of both mommies didn't work but because they don't work together to produce a child and cannot ever produce one, so they had to bring in a third party?
What confusion!

The whole thought that marriage needs redefinition into a perverted confusion is itself offensive to common sense. Homosexual behavior is not married, godly love; it's selfish sex. Those confused, liberal judges didn't redefine marriage; they approved legal lust. Homosexual unions may be legalized by justices, but God regards such as the unfortunate result of a person who fails to acknowledge Him and so given over to perverted lusts (Romans 1:24ff.).

Now some will regard this as mean-spirited and think I'm unChristian for saying what God said. But let's think about who is mean-spirited. Is it kind to rob children of mothers or fathers in order to satisfy selfish sex? Is it kind to rear a child in confusion? Is it kind to so press your agenda (to demand acceptance for what is immoral) that you influence other people's children with your immoral example? Is it kind for one justice to tell the whole state their morality is not as important as some supposed right to pervert marriage and nature? Is it kind to tear the fabric of society apart by confusion and perversion?

Christian kindness does not sit silent in the presence of sin. To do so would be to let the sinner go to hell unwarned. That is the really unkind thing to do. Kindness is to speak out lovingly against the error, even in the face of opposition. Kindness is the calling to repentance, not in the tolerating of gross sin.

The really unChristian person is the one who so hates the light that he must strike out at anyone who calls sin evil. Herodias called for John's head out of hatred. All he did was tell the truth. Who was unChristian?

Well, who's the wife in that gay marriage, and who's the husband in that lesbian union? And you call that a marriage?



reborn1995 said...

i think you're generally right on. the only thing i'd add is that it's not merely selfish sex. many of these people also relate emotionally to the same sex in ways they should only relate to the opposite sex. there seems to be selfish romance involved as well.


Kathy said...

"Christian kindness does not sit silent in the presence of sin ..."

That is so true.

A homosexual relative of mine used to call his then live-in lover his husband. It makes me so sad that a man can call and think of another man as his husband. It seems so demeaning. I guess they both called each other that? I have no idea whether their roles in their home were patterned after heterosexual husband and wife or not.

I've also noticed in several of the photos of lesbian "marriages" that they tend to wear traditional male/female wedding clothes, one as the "male" and the other as the "female". Another sign of confusion.

Stephie said...

The church of Christ I attend has at least 4 gay couples. Nobody says a word. Are we getting to where it will be accepted as a way of life, even though it is wrong and against the Bible?

I do not approve, but I have seen quite a few gay couples that are actually happier than most of the hetero married couples I have known for years. A few even have longer relationships than most of my divorced friends. What is the world coming to?

Phil Sanders said...


If no objects to the four (same-sex) couples where you are, your leaders aren't listening to God. God has spoken about homosexuality. I would ask them why.

The unhappiness of the hetero couples is not because heterosexuality or marriage is broken; it is because the people themselves are not making their marriages happy. Let's put the responsibility where it belongs: on the individuals themselves. Trying an ungodly alternative will not make them happy; it will cause them to be lost. I know many, many happy husbands and wives. What unhappy couples need is a boost in their marriage.

By the way, have I mentioned my audio CD "Always and Forever" at ?

Another shameless plug.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of such, have you seen the latest from Harding professor Mark Elrod?

Dale Sadler said...

Sexual expression is a learned behavior. If it wasn't, there'd be a lot less confusion and of "figuring out" what you were.

Anonymous said...

Dale, I never had much trouble figuring out what I was and I don't believe most people do.

I wonder what we are coming to when we have teachers at Christian colleges openly endorsing homosexual marriage. Click on the link below.

Anonymous said...

I think our focus should always be on the individuals who need to know Christ, not on the political aspects of marriage. Marriage is what it is in God's eyes regardless of American laws.

If we start off offending people with our politics, then we never get the chance to talk to them about our faith.

Phil Sanders said...

Dear Anonymous,

Same-sex marriage is not a political issue for me. It is a spiritual one. The Lord calls all men everywhere (regardless of politics) to repent (Acts 17:30-31).

If people will not listen to the will of the Lord over sexual orientation issues, what makes you think they will listen to anything else?

When people demand the legal right to live in sin (and ram it down everyone else's throat) rather than repent, I don't think we can give them a pass. Rather we should tell them what God says about that part of their lives too.

Would I start there in an evangelistic Bible study? Of course not. I'd start with Jesus. But I am God-bound to confront anyone who lives in open defiance of the will of God.