Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tuesday nights

I love Tuesday nights. I love the Nashville School of Preaching & Biblical Studies. I love my students. I have the best teaching job in the world, because of the students who come to my class. They bless my life so much.

Nashville School of Preaching is a night school. Most of the students work all day and come to the school rather than go to a ball game or watch television. In spite of being tired from a day's labor, they come to the school. Some drive up to 100 miles.

They come every week expecting to hear something. They come eager and wanting to hear everything I have to say. They take extensive notes, tape me (one student even puts me up on the web), and are glad to be around me. They make my day.

Tuesday nights are special. Because these students love the Lord so much and are willing to sacrifice themselves to learn God's Word. For this reason I try to give them my best. By the way, you can see some of my classbooks at the church website:


The things I love most (besides the Lord and my family) is studying and teaching the Word of God, the Bible. The Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to do that every day--and on Tuesday nights with some of the finest people on earth, my students and friends. God is so good. I just have to say thank you, now and then.



jimtim said...

I am a former student of Bro. Sanders. His love for God, Christ, the church, and the Word were always clearly evident to me. He is one of the major reasons I attempt to preach today. I respect him highly as a servant of God and my Brother. I can attest, also to the fact of his love for those he teaches. He has shown me care, concern, guidance and love and for that I am ever grateful to my God that I came under the godly influence of this good man.
May God bless the Nashville School of Preaching and my brother Phil Sanders.

jimtim said...

Tuesday nights were always a special time for me because I was able for several years to sit at the feet of this great man of God.
His love for God, Christ, the church and the Word were especially evident to me. His passion for the right and his love for his students were clearly visible. He is a major reason that I attempt to preach today. I thank God for him and his influence for good through the middle Tennesee area, yea the whole world. I also ask that God bless my dear brother and the Nashville School of Preaching and Biblical Studies.