Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Be thankful

The last several days have been quite eventful. Jackie, my lovely wife of 32 years, had successful surgery last week and is recovering nicely. She is a great blessing in my life. The Lord was so good to give her to me.

Monday, after warning Jackie not to go down the deck stairs behind the house, I went down the stairs and slipped. I have bruises on hip and leg, wrist and arm. I am blessed I didn't break my neck, end up in the hospital, or kill myself. How foolish! I knew there was ice on the deck and steps. I am still really sore from the bruising.

Last night, all ten of our family was home. First time in months we have all been together. Laura is expecting a baby in May. Haydn was so delightful. My three sons in law are such fine men. We are blessed to have them in the family. After four daughters and one grand-daughter, a female dog, and a female cat, it is nice to have a little masculine company.

My four lovely daughters are such a blessing and comfort. They were discussing how Jackie and I should get long-term health care and buy cemetery plots. You'd think we had a foot in the grave! They do care about our future. Tara was telling us how many people are struggling at this time due to the high cost of health care after retirement. The doctors told Jackie that 80 percent of health care costs come in the last year of life.

Life, over all, is much brighter than ever. Concord Rd. is growing weekly; Nashville School of Preaching is expanding; Regions University is a blessing; and the television program had its best month on record in October ( We tape two new programs Sunday evening. Think magazine and Spiritual Sword still ask me to write, and I have an article appearing in Gospel Advocate in coming days. (I also have an exciting bit of news to share when all things are confirmed.)

I am thankful for everything. Life is so full and rich. My family loves me. Jackie is more beautiful than ever. The Lord forgives me. The brethren still want me. I am so blessed. I am still healthy in body and mind.

I give God thanks. He is soooo good to me. I pray He is always blessing you.



Anonymous said...

It's good to see you back. I often link to your blog from Bobby and Tammy Ross' blog. I'm glad your family is doing well.

JD said...

Phil, I'm glad your wife is recovering well from her surgery. I pray that God will continue to bless you and your family.

Richard Mansel said...


Sorry to hear of your tumble and all the chaos going on. Glad you are finding the good in it. I hope your wife does well in her recovery. Anxious to hear your news. I enjoyed your article in Think on hell. God Bless.

Beth said...

You are a blessing to the family and to hear everything in your own words is heart warming.
I love you and your "family" sooo much. Of course, I'm bias since they are my family too.
Thanks for both your personal postings and your professional postings.