Monday, November 27, 2006


What would make anybody get up at 4:15 and be at an overloaded parking lot by 5 AM? Jackie and I do it every year. Is it the bargains? Yes. Is it our loved ones? Yes. Is it the madness and the people? Yes.

Black Friday is probably the only day out of the year that I go shopping with Jackie for several hours. We accomplished filling much of our list in the six stores we visited. We slept late the next morning.

With a three-year-old grand-daughter, Christmas (yes, I said the word) will be much brighter this year.

We are at an odd time of life. We don't celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday but as a family holiday. While we try to teach folks better about the pagan compromise and what the Bible actually says about the birth of Christ, we are not ready to give up saying "Merry Christmas" when we go into the stores. I weary of "happy holidays."

By the way, the transcript to the television program airing just before Christmas is about the Biblical importance of the birth of Christ. Go to to download the transcript to program 636. We have taped well into 2007.

On the night after Thanksgiving, we kept our tradition at the Sanders house of making home-made pizzas. MMMMmmmm, they were delicious. We forgot, however, the Christmas cheer (a non-alcoholic beverage from the Welch's company).

Thanks for all your kind wishes and expressions of love toward Jackie. She is at work today. Therapy is helping a lot, but her arm won't be full strength for some time.

If you haven't subscribed to Think Magazine from Focus Press, I hope you will do so. I'm working on the January article, "What Does the Future Hold?" I think you will find the article informative and challenging.

Nashville School of Preaching begins January 8. I will teach on Tueday evenings. My two courses for the spring semester include: Bible Geography and 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus. Tuition is free, hope you will join us if you live in the Nashville area. For more information, go to:

Regions University is also gearing up for its spring semester. You can learn more about this leader in distance education by going to Look closely for the many courses in their catalog.

Keep me in your prayers, I need them.


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Scott said...

Thanks for all the wonderful articles. I would also encourage people to subscribe to Think magazine. I think it is one of the best publications in the brotherhood. Keep up all the good work.