Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream or Cherry Pie

As a child my favorite dessert was my grandmother's cherry pie (actually it was cobbler, but the only difference is the pan). Later in life I discovered Braum's Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, which I must have on every trip back to my home state of Oklahoma. Then, there is momma's apple pie, and Jackie's cakes--so delicious.

Sometimes life is like choosing between the several very wonderful things. Many are wonderful, delicious, and heart-warming with memories. I wish I could have them all, but that is not possible. The hardest decisions are not necessarily between good and evil but between what seems to be two equally-good choices.

The work of ministry is often that way. I love it all. I love the study. I love the people. I love the preaching and teaching. I love the writing. I love the challenge. I love seeing souls saved. I love life.

The problem is if I choose this, I can't also choose that. There is, after all, only one of me.

When I can't decide on my own, I just leave it in God's hands and do my best. God will see to the rest. I belong to Him..


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Nick said...

It's apple pie for me!

I share in your thoughts on the ministry of proclaiming the Word (though I speak from a more limited experience as a young minister). For me it's the joy of seeing that individual baptized in Christ, that soul being saved and set free that makes it worth while.