Friday, February 02, 2007

Watch out for the Bank scam!!

You probably get warnings to never, never, never, NEVER give your personal information to anyone for any reason. Well, pay attention.

My local bank, I thought, had a message for me to update my information. Since it came in a secured area and was in the message center of the bank, I figured it was important for me to update. Wrong, wrong, WRONG. The identity thieves sent over $3,000 of my money via a wire service to who knows where.

Now I'll get the money back and will go through a little grief, but my bank and the card company will be defrauded because of my moment of confusion.

Banks never, never, NEVER ask for this kind of information online or in any other way. Once an account is opened, it does not go through occasional updates. So, don't get suckered and give info to anybody online for any reason. Never, never, NEVER.

Nuff said.

Foolish Phil


Terry said...

We saw you on In Search of the Lord's Way today, and we were impressed. You presented a very good lesson about the love of God. By the way, you look too young to be a grandfather who has been married 32 years.

Bobby Cohoon said...

Phil I get these all thetime in the amil. They actually look so "real." I always get one from paypal to update my account....I don't have a paypal account!

Next, I saw youon insearch...great job brother!


Phil Sanders said...

The thing that got me was that the email was on the secured bank site itself, not on my regular email. I had to use a user name and password to get into the place where I checked my balances and make transfers, etc. This is why I thought this one was real. I also have gotten update stuff from other companies--but never at a secured location.

Thanks for your kind remarks aboutthe search program. I was with Mack yesterday and today at FHU.