Wednesday, April 04, 2007

No impact

A March 2007 Gallup poll reported:

Our Easter research did not stop there. We werealso aware of the recent and controversial documentary by James Cameron, “The Lost Tomb of Jesus.”This documentary, recently aired on the DiscoveryChannel, investigated the supposed ossuary containing the skeletal remains of Jesus. While the Bible is very clear that Jesus died, was buried, and came back to life, we wanted to see how this documentary may affect the general public’s belief in the resurrection.

The research showed that 57 percent of the population either read about, heardabout, or watched this documentary. Familiarity with the documentary had no impact on the public view of the resurrection, as about 75 percent of both those with and without knowledge of the documentary believe in the bodily resurrection of Christ. It appears that belief in theresurrection neither drew them to watch the documentary nor influenced their belief.

Well the proof is in the pudding, and Cameron's pudding is nothing to worry about.


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