Saturday, April 28, 2007

Removing Emotional Pain

One of my most favorite people in this whole world in Ron Wilkins, who developed the SFT Awareness ministry, sponsored by the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Lavergne, TN. He trains people with the skills they need to process emotional pain and break free from destructive, escape behaviors (addictions).

If you would like to know more about this ministry, which I believe is so vital, you may want to get the book, Removing Emotional Pain, by Ron. Ron trains hurting people who get involved in addictive, destructive, escape behaviors how to deal with the pain that creates the cycle causing the behavior. He is a man of hope giving "good news." His colleague, Gary Washer, is a sharp young man who has been Ron's student and now a teacher. The two men are worth their weight in gold in helping struggling outsiders to find the Lord.

To learn more go to:

I am happy to recommend these two men who are doing a great job. They attend the Highland Heights congregation in Smyrna, which has grown from 600 to over 800 in the last few years. God bless them.

If you know of someone who needs help with an addictive behavior (anger, verbal abuse, internet pornography, sexual addictions, alcohol, drugs, etc), please contact Ron Wilkins, Gary Washer. They can help train you or your friend how to deal with the emotional pain, which is causing the problem.



Anonymous said...

I have little use for arguing over instruments, but the information in this post can really help a person be more Christ-like. Thank you.

Phil Sanders said...

Ron Wilkins, Gary Washer, and others who are associated with this ministry are wonderful brothers in Christ.

Why have I dealt with the instrument issue? Because it has brought so much division to the body of Christ. Division generated by man-made religion is not Christ's way. Christ believed that doing things the right way was essential to show love toward God. We should have that attitude as well.