Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Evangelism Handbook available free

You can get a free copy of the evangelism handbook by going to the online tools section of

This is a 200 page resource dealing with many aspects of evangelism and Biblical teaching.

You can also get the "Upon the Rock" Bible study series free at the same site.



john dobbs said...

Thanks, Phil, for sharing the studies and the book. I just downloaded the studies and hope to download the resource book soon. We all need to be focused on sharing Jesus with the lost world. Thanks for your generous heart in sharing this freely.

Phil Sanders said...


I began working on this book in the early 1990s after a campaign trip to Minsk, Belarus. I believed that there needed to be a comprehensive book available for those who wanted to do mission work, whether short or long. I began making a notebook out of my files but found it hard to organize, so I tried to rewrite many of those files in a concentrated way. As time went by, I kept adding and refining. The book is much larger but fewer in pages today than in 2000.

Hope you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

hi, I enjoyed your story. I went to a pentacostal church when I was a teen and also wondered why I never spoke in tongues or received the holy ghost. I feel that it was all fake but still remain a devout christian. however, it seems unreal how fast those that "receive" can move their heads and speak that fast. Any ideas?

Phil Sanders said...

You can do many things when 1) you want to, and 2)you feel you are a failure if you don't or can't.