Tuesday, May 15, 2007

God's Answers to Life's Questions

Each week, God's Answers to Life's Questions appears twice on WNPX (Nashville) to nearly 2.5 million viewers. If you do not live in the Middle Tennessee or the south-central parts of Kentucky, you can still view this program online at the sites below. We have now aired more than 100 programs. Much thanks must go to the elders at Concord Rd, to Jimmie Tullis, Chad Westmoreland, Glenn Gentry, Tommy Burnett, Mike Walker, James Hunter, Jessamyn Barrett, and John Smilor for their efforts in the production of this program.

We have also been picked up on an online radio-on-demand network. Current cities include Nashville (www.iNashvilleRadio.com), Pigeon Forge, Branson, Atlanta, Youngstown (OH) and Aurora (IL). We also have the internet affiliate ( www.iTRCRadio.com) and the Military Affiliate (www.iMilitaryRadio.us) .

Please pray for this effort. The above sites are audio only. The sites below show the actual television program.


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Bronda said...


My husband & I enjoy very miuch your lessons on Sunday Morning. We missed you Jan. 3, 2009. Is there another schedule where we may hear you lessons on TV. Also, I am looking for the information on "What do I need Spiritually." Thank you & God Bless. Mr. & Mrs. Dean Hagood, Cookeville, TN