Saturday, July 21, 2007

Peter--a Christian who found the truth

Last Thursday I met a most interesting man after I spoke at the Pasquo Church of Christ (southwest of Nashville). I did not get his last name, but his first name was Peter. Peter and his wife are immigrants from Ukraine. Peter (in his forties) grew up in the former Soviet Union as a Baptist. Many of the Christians (members of the church) in the Soviet block had to become Baptists in order to continue to worship, even though they did not desert their beliefs. Our campaign groups met several such people in Belarus and Ukraine. These brethren knew the truth long before evangelists from America arrived in the early 1990s.

Peter, however, did not know about us. When he came to the United States, he came as a Baptist. By providence, he was late one evening coming home. He decided to stop at the nearest church on his route, and the nearest place was Pasquo Church of Christ.

Peter heard the truth being preached. He knew it when he heard it. He left the place he was worshiping and identified with Pasquo. The Baptist churches of USA weren't preaching and practicing the things he had been taught growing up. With great joy he has been attending the Pasquo Church of Christ ever since. I was delighted to meet him. (Contact Joe Spann at Pasquo for more information.) I have urged them to write Peter's story down to share with others.

People can learn and know the truth just by reading the Bible. I have been so intrigued with people like Peter who studied the Book and knew the truth when he heard it!

One prominent preacher among us has argued that people just reading the New Testament would not come to the conclusion that instrumental music was wrong. John Price, who wrote Old Light for New Worship, has disproved that claim.

The perspicuity of the Bible needs to be taught once again. The Bible is clear about much.

  • The Lord only built one church, and it is pre-denominational and undenominational.
  • God's grace is abundant, but works only when people repent.
  • Baptism is still a burial in water for those who have been taught and penitently believe, not for unbelieving infants.
  • Salvation still follows baptism.
  • Christians in the New Testament sang in worship.
  • It is never right to add or subtract to the teaching of God's Word.
Well, I am thankful for Peter's example. One can learn the truth on his own by a study of God's Word.


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