Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A. T. Pate's advice

A. T. Pate is one of my fellow-instructors at Nashville School of Preaching. He is a prince of a man, a good friend, a great encourager, and a soldier in the Lord's army.

He spoke to us last night about what we should tell ourselves when we speak to ourselves. Everyone, after all, talks to himself. What is important, then, is what one says. He suggests that when we talk to ourselves, we should tell ourselves these four things:

(1) I know who I am.
As Christians, we are sons of the King, children of God, royal priests, a person of God's own possession, saints, and workers in the vineyard. Knowing who we are sets our minds on how we behave.

(2) I know where I am going.
As Christians our destiny is heaven. The Father has an inheritance for us there. Jesus went there to prepare a place just for us--a place that is without spot or blemish.

(3) I know how to get there.
The gospel is good news and is very simple and practical. Anyone can go to heaven, if he will simply obey the gospel. God's grace is wondrous and open to those who will respond to His love by obedience.

(4) I will take someone with me.
Preachers are in the recruiting business. We recruit people to be children of God, so that they can live with God forever and ever.

This is excellent self-talk for the preacher or for any soul-winning brother or sister. We thank our godly and good brother, A. T., for sharing this mindset with us.


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