Friday, January 26, 2007

A Great Gift and Opportunity

Last year, Mack Lyon of "In Search of the Lord's Way" offered me a wonderful opportunity to be a guest speaker on his television program, which airs to 25-50 million viewers (this is the actual audience not the potential). I will be speaking on the subject of the "Love of God." Craig Dodgen, Jackie's brother and a employee of Search, informs me that the program will air on February 4. You will have to check your local listings for the station and time or go to to find where and when the program airs in your area. Search is one of the three most watched religious television programs in America; it is the only program produced by churches of Christ to reach that distinction.

Mack is a marvelous preacher and one of most longest and dearest friends. He has been a mentor to me and much like a father. I can hardly express enough my deep appreciation for what he has done in the cause of Christ.

This is certainly the most exciting opportunity of my life. I am deeply grateful to Mack and to Search for inviting me. God is so very good.

In the meantime, go to our website to visit what we are doing with God's Answers to Life's Questions, the television production of Concord Rd. Church of Christ.

May the Lord bless,


Terry said...

Phil, I will try to catch the program. I look forward to seeing you on it. I may have missed it, but I do not remember anyone ever substituting for Mack Lyon before. Are you the first?

Terry Laudett

Phil Sanders said...


No, I am not the first. Stafford North and Russ Dyer have both been guest speakers before, and there will be others as well. I am thankful to be asked.