Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I cannot help but be a little sad that my Sooners lost the Fiesta Bowl this year. I wished they had won. Can you imagine scoring 42 points and still losing?

Forget Ohio and Florida, the Fiesta Bowl was/is the most exciting game in college football this year! It is the game of the year. Our congratulations to the Boise State team. The last five minutes and overtime were riveting!

In spite of all, the Oklahoma Sooners still have won more games than any team since WWII and since the AP started keeping records. They also have scored more points than any college football team. They have had more 10+ and 11+ seasons than any college team in the country. So I will remain loyal always to my favorite football team.

Oh well, college football starts again in 8 months.



Brandee said...

I was beginning to think Chance and I were both going to have a heart attack. We went from total exhilaration to total deflation of excitement every other minute. It was one exciting game ending and I have to say, they deserved the win. The simply out played us. There's always next year!

Phil Sanders said...

Brandee and Chance,

I was disappointed but not grieved. OU scored 42 points in THE MOST EXCITING bowl game. It is indeed the game of the year for me.

This game will be remembered 25 years from now. By the way, OU still leads in these areas:

most games won since WWII
most game won since AP kept records
most points scored by any college team
most 10+ and 11+ seasons of any team in college football

I probably missed one. See the quick facts at

Good to hear from you, Brandee.