Friday, January 05, 2007

Wow! Great news!

December was a banner month for Concord Rd. Our special, year-end contribution on Dec. 31 set a new record: $143,024.55! The elders will use this money for much and everlasting good.

The website for our television program also set some records.
Our stats show that during 2006 we had over 33,600 hits, downloading more than 19,000 files. December was our all-time best month with more than 4,200 hits, downloading more than 2,200 files. We thank God for the growth.

In coming days we will begin broadcasting on iWRN Radio Network. This is an internet radio station broadcasting in Nashville, Pigeon Forge, Branson, Atlanta, Youngstown (OH) and Aurora (IL). They also have the internet affiliate and the Military Affiliate
Upcoming cities include: Houston, Biloxi, Birmingham, Destin (FL), Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Southbend, Louisville (KY), and some other cities.

We will send mp3 files to the network and you can listen at your own convenience. You will not be able to see the broadcast but you can hear the message.

This will represent a huge boost in our outreach. Please keep this in your prayers.

With great rejoicing!

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Wes said...

Thank You! I needed that.

Wes Hazel
Manchester TN