Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Should Faith Matter in this Election?

Should faith matter when it comes time to elect a president? We have some unique choices this time around. Should we carefully weigh the things that shaped the thinking of each candidate? Of course!

Now, it is good Americanism to throw out race, color, and creed when it comes to rights. Should people of all races, colors and creeds have an opportunity to be president if they qualify? Yes, we would affirm their right.

Is it wisdom in such an age to elect a man whose experiences arise from influences that could be damaging to the country? That is a different question. In voting for president, we want the man who follows God's will and will do what pleases our Father in Heaven. How wise is it to want a man who grew up in an atheist home? How wise is it to elect a man who has grown up in a Muslim home? Is it wise to want a man who grew up thinking he could become a God and rule his own planet?

What we believe shapes who we are, how we think, what we value, and where we want this country to go. Faith matters in the making of a man. People don't grow up in a vacuum, and people are NOT all alike.

When we have a choice, it is utter foolishness to support a candidate whose primary values are against what we believe. Jotham's fable ought to speak to us all. Do we really want a bramble bush to rule over us?

Israel in rebellion to the Father clamored for an earthly king and got one. We must be careful what we call for, we may get it.



preacherman said...

I am idependant. I vote based on a persons faith and not certain party. I am sick of all political party politics. We are going to vote according to the way the party thinks instead of what is right for Americans. I vote on a persons faith and leadshipablities. I think about my children and their children when I step into the voting booth as well. I hope this country will turn back to God. I am sick of a small number taking God out of almost everything and I believe most Christians would agree with me. I think they are tired of the Ten Commandments being taking off court houses, public places, Christmas practically being done away with in our society, the government slowly taking IN GOD WE TRUST off the money. Yes I know it is on the rim of the sliver dollar but that is a first step in removing it all together. I think most Christ are tired of no prayers in schools. Shows on television that question the deity of Jesus but not other religions of the world.
So yes, I do think it matters.
God bless you for this post.
I appreciate it as an independant.

Terry said...

I decided a little over a month ago on a candidate in my state's primary (see my December 1 post on my blog if you are interested). I agree that a man or woman's faith and perspective of life are relevant. I am disappointed in people who say that their faith does not influence their decisions. I have to ask: Do they really believe in anything? Are they ashamed of what they believe? I may not have all the answers to all of the political, economic, or social problems in the world, but my faith forces me to seek justice, mercy, and humility as I deal with the issues of life. Thanks for bringing up this topic.

Matthew said...

This is a great question. I think there has to be some balance with the issue because no candidate seems to be where I would like them to be, but also I am not willing to vote for someone that I cannot feel that will hurt Christianity in general. I wrote a large paper for FHU on this topics, if you would like a copy, let me know.

Royce Ogle said...

I have not settled on a candidate yet, and yes faith really matters, but, remember Jimmy Carter.

I was castigated by family and friends for breaking ranks with generations of Democrats and voting against Carter. History has proven I was right. The arguement was "He is a Christian, a good Southern Baptist." It was a weak case then and is today.

We don't elect a pastor, but a President. I want a person in the White House who will appoint strict Constitutionalist judges, who will keep our military strong and able to protect our homeland, who believes in less government intrusion into our lives, free market economy, states rights, and that our liberty is a gift from God.

If that person also believes about God what I do that is a plus, but his faith is not the number one thing in my mind.

Jesus and his followers lived under the most evil government and He nor his Apostles ever had a word against the established government. Rather they were to obey the law, pay taxes, pray for their leaders, and live at peace with others the best they could.

A dying culture will not be changed in Washington D.C. but from the inside out one heart at a time by the Christ of God. The man in the pulpit wields more power than the man in the Oval Office.

His peace,

Anonymous said...

I think (a) a lack of faith and/or (b) lying about your beliefs matters more to me than a basic claim "to a faith".

Matthew said...

I had a great time eating lunch with you. Thank you for taking the time out for me.

Phil Sanders said...

I had a marvelous time with you, and it is I who should be thanking you for paying for lunch!


TE said...

Brother Phil,

We have disagreed on several points before and will probably do so again, but on this one I think you are right on. Thank you for post! Those who make fiscal conservativism or or national security their top priority may one day wake up to a world that is cold and Godless and wonder how we got to where we are. Now is the time to stand for Godly leadership.